I kinda like it!

When you use the framed feature it's like an upgraded version of the original site.





TACOS(tm) are the Best

what does the vote up/vote down do?

Keylock has been voted DOWN.

where is mythreads

Mythreads is 'Subscrip'



Damn you, Dos! Um...er...I think? LOL!

"Mythreads is 'Subscrip'"

Looks like I'll be going blue then

It's taking some getting used to, but I think it's pretty cool.

Enough vote down and a mod looks in. Enough up and I give free membership.

 Cool feature Kirik!

I don't mind this at all! That settles it! I'm buying a blue name right now!


Am I broo yet?

It's not bad but I don't post much anymore. maybe it's time for a blue name again.

time will tell