I knew Trigg would win.

I am a huge fan of Charuto and would want him to win against just about anyone but Frank.

But Frank is a friggin machine and I dont see him losing to anyone in that division again anytime soon. He made a crucial mistake against Hughes, but there is no way that is happening again.

That triangle looked really tight, though. Whoa. I worried a bit when it was slapped on.

i agree - frank is an animal - he is exciting as hell to watch - hopefully he will get a rematch with hughes.

Trigg is a friggen animal! Short of catching the man standing with a ko punch or rocking him to the degree where he is unable to intelligently defend himself, i see no one being able to defeat him on the ground. Trigg is a stud. Next fight for him = Hughes, then Sherk and the winner of that vs. spierre

I got so much shit for saying Frank would win before now look at everyone.I love my Trigganomics gear I got at the event prior to the beatdown of Charuto.The shirt and hat are great!

Triggonometry is a very advanced course...

I dont know... I think St Pierre could beat Trig

SLYBOOGIE is correct.

Trigg has gotten very noticeably better in the last year & a half.

I picked Trigg to win. In fact I've never picked against him (but I did say the Hughes match was a tossup). He looked nasty beating on Charuto. He just loves to pound on JJ players. I'd like to see him fight BJ.

is it just me or does trigg seem able to intimidate some of his opponents?

Trigg looked great in the win over Verissimo....he has always been agressive and exciting to watch but he hasn't gotten a lot of fights for us to see untilo recently ...hopefully he has finally figured out how to interact professionally with the promoters wo put on the shows...I would imagine it was his mouth whcich kept him from obtaining high profile fighting opportunities...

I find Trigg much more exciting than Matt Hughes, he raises up out of his guard to throw bombs and doesn't just stay huggingly close and only throw elbows....he reacts well to submissions ...he brings some much needed excitement and energy to the division....