I know everyone hates on Miley Cyrus...

saddamhugevein -

Gif of the day Phone Post 3.0

The song "Wrecking Ball" is about the return of the Illuminati-reptilian home planet Nibiru.

You are all being slowly conditioned.

The plan is to use the return of Nibiru to start WWIII and finally implement the One World Occult Government.

This type of music is being used as a mean of slow, subconscious public acceptance.

This will either happen in our lifetime or it won't.

lars_schifinkter - Voted up for your honesty. It won't be easy, some people will turn their backs on you and judge, but I support your homosexual lifestyle.
Thanks Lars...


What??? Phone Post 3.0

Just nothing there. I understand a majority of our population is stupid.  "Kinda" obvious at this point.

But, when it comes to voting for the hottest woman, why is she considered the sex object of 2013. Who votes for this. I never get to vote for this horse shit.

Are we just left out of the loop?

Dammit OP, I'm with you on this one, I like the song as well. I'll be the first to admit, it's kind of a gay song, and before I rock to it I make sure nobody's in range to hear me. But I belt it out!

Come on now, both us, say it loud. We like this song, and we're proud!

saddamhugevein -

Vtfu for legit lol Phone Post 3.0

I have it on my youtube playlist while I work, and also as my Myspace background music.

Buncha fags! (Bill Burr voice)


UGCTT_granite007 -

Buncha fags! (Bill Burr voice)


I'm gay for Miley. Phone Post 3.0

saddamhugevein -

Nailed it. VU. Phone Post 3.0