I know this has been asked b4, but

I know everyone has commented on this before, but here's my situation....How can I alter a trial version of software to allow it to stay on my computer for longer than 30 days. A friend sent me a key-gen, but the software never gives me an opportunity to enter it. It just informs me that I have "14, 13, 12, etc. Days remaining" How can I crack it to allow me to use it longer. I need a little longer than 30 days to preview it to decide if I want to buy it :) thanks!

you need the registration key..Often availible at websites like astalavista.. Or you could just buy the program.

the only problem there is, some shareware dont give u teh option, u may need a cracked EXE in order to keep it longer

if u dont see anywhere in the menu bar or when u load the program to enter a key then its probably not tere

did u try reinstalling it for the sake of trying

When I click on the menu bar, I can't click on the "registration" button. Also, if I reinstall it after the 30 days, the computer detects that I already had it on there once and won't open it up again... :(


The Mac's in my school computer lab have the app I am trying to save. Can I copy/download the app to my flash drive then upload it to my Mac laptop and THEN use my key-gen???

well when program files get installed dll files and such get installed in teh windows dir, so copying the folder toa cd or whatever or to ur laptop might not go over to well

program might crash or not work

if u have XP, create a second account and intall and then try loadiung the key

or uninstall in ur current account, go into regedit, search for all the programs files and delete, reinstall and try again

be careful in the reg though