I know this is a mma brd but if I could have a min

I know this a mma only board, but since Im at least active in the sport and I know how awesome the UG has come together in the past I figured hey it can't hurt. Kirik if you feel this thread is inappropriate please feel free to delete it, anyhow I already thank you for reading this far and thanks for any you can do to help!

My little sister who doesn't have much to her name anyhow, recently lost her baby during a premature child birth, and had nothing money wise to cover a memorial or anything like that, I plan to help how I can, but I know you guys have come together in the past, and even just some words of encouragement would help, a dollar or two if you got it... Anything... Very tough time for her and the rest of the family right now... Thanks and here is the link appreciate your time
http://www.gofundme.com/92b8ek Phone Post 3.0

In for a good cause, I'll make a donation tomorrow, hope she's holding up Phone Post 3.0

Damn man that's terrible... Best of luck to your sister, she has my condolences. Phone Post 3.0

MattyJ - In for a good cause, I'll make a donation tomorrow, hope she's holding up Phone Post 3.0
Thanks if there's anything I can do for anyone that donates I will do all I can Phone Post 3.0

ECWCock - I can't really help, but I'll give you a ttt. You picked a bad time for the thread, considering everyone is in fight mode.
I know and tbh I wish I didn't have to make it at all, but the UG is the only community I know that would help, if I could pay myself I def would Phone Post 3.0

I'll see what I can put together over the next few days to donate.

Sorry to hear the awful news.

And thanks for even taking the time to read this I feel like a pos for even asking but due to the time constraints of it all it's all I could think of Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

My condolences...I'll see what I can put together as well, and donate very soon...

And stop apologizing, man...you're amongst friends...and sometimes you need help from your friends...

No shame in it, brother :-)

In the meantime...thoughts, prayers and best of wishes to you and your family...

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0




Thanks for the ttt guys, showed her your guys responses and she was brought to tears, very appreciative ! Just sucks this is the worst holiday of the year for her at this point. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend tho! Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Kirik - Ttt Phone Post 3.0
Thanks sir Phone Post 3.0

WithoutSpoilersdotCom - dawg you and your family need to donate yourselves first. these things always get going, once someone starts.

donate 5 bucks 5 times

very sorry for your loss
I emptied my wife and I'd savings much to give to her personally not through the gofundme site Phone Post 3.0

One more bump thanks to those who haven given condolences so far Phone Post 3.0

A memorial for premature child birth?
This is odd.
She has no money, but was pregnant, lost the baby, now needs money for a memorial.
I've lost a child in the womb as well, but if you don't have money, a memorial is out of the question.
The thought of a memorial for someone who never took a breath is odd, sorry.
Regardless, pass on condolences for your sis. Phone Post 3.0