I know this is the wrong thread bu

I know this is the wrong area to post this thread but I am realy needing some help here before I loose my mind (whats left anyway).

And before you respond with "Try the state forum" I posted there already.

Well my story is real simple:

My fight curcuit here in North Dakota, turned there back on me for a very stupid missunderstanding, (personally, I feel they were reaching for an excuse to kick me off) I had just won the middle weight belt/title and went undefeted since joining them, and then that was it! Forced to retire from them based on something stupid. OH WELL, say la-vee

My TEAM was from Fargo ND, Coach Ethan Boyal has a GREAT group of highly skilled and very powerfull guys that are very serious and can get ANYONE ready for war! My group and I (from jamestown) had joined with them and trained for big events and hard wars with them. I highly recomend Coach Boyal to anyone, Check your ego at the door, and free your mind, and in return they will skyrocket you skill leval, good stuff!

ANYWAY,I just moved to Bismarck ND (States Capital), and I have to honastly say I realy like it here!

The people are nice, lots of job offers, just a great place so far.

However I am feeling like I am on the endangered speceies(sp?) list for NHB, I cant find ANYONE that trains, Just all tae-kwon-do, or "gental" Judo. Ya know, mostly "Traditional stylists" who have yet to get on the evolvutionary(sp?) ball and get with the rest of us.


I dont mind traveling to jamestown to train but I would be more interested in keeping my skills brushed up around here.

So if there is anyone from bismarck or groups that anyone knows about, PLEASE, PLEASE, get this news to me.

I am seriously thinking of moving to Iowa to join a team if I cant find anything for me here.

So if you got some news for me or can help your fellow fighting brotheren out, I would be more than happy to here it so PLEASE respond promtly!


(AKA. Roger Stiner)
my personal e-mail: roger_stiner@excite.com

And Thank you very much in advance.

how far from winnipeg are you?


I am in the middle of the state of North Dakota (Bismarck on a map), so I am not sure how far away I am from winnipeg I am but I have been informed that I am about 200 miles from the border of Canada,

But I am pretty desparate to get with other fighters, whats on your mind man?


Good luck, Roger. I hope you find some good training



Thanks Fred,

That means alot man. I just found out where a majority of my family tree is so I am going to go visit this weekend.

They live all around Emilly Minnasota, I just found out my dad is on the city councle over there so depending on how my visit goes, I may be moving to the NHB/MMA meca of the USA, and everyone knows thats Minnasota.

but well see.

Thanks again fred..........


It was more like 0-16, and yes that's him. He's made some improvements in his training though and is now on a winning streak, 4-16.

Roger, feel free to call anytime to train if you want. You know how I am, always training.

that truecoat, oh yah

damn, saw the word fargo and had to do it

pigpen, are you from the Fargo area?

Thank you coach Boyle sir!

Yes I am the Anaconda, and yes I did my fair share of loosing, I make no excuses, instead I embrace the losses and keep them close cause I have learned from them!

I can honastly say I am not the same fighter I once was. I have been reborn into a REAL fighter.

I used to fill the world with my lies and a very large delussional ego that I created to help me cope with the REAL life I was living. I never actualy tried to fight back. I did it just to say "I was a fighter". I had no actual will to fight or focus to fight with. I had a deep education in the arts since I was a child but no real mental capbabillities to know how to use them! However, I changed about a year ago. I have learned the art of humbleness.

I got so sucked up into drugs and could not clean up, truthfuly I was so far gone that I didn't want to clean up!

However I was saved by someone who loved me very much! I had a couple of close calls and one major over dose! When I came to in the ER. I decided to ask myself what I realy wanted out of life and what it was that drived me to stay alive.

Sadly it was fighting first and then my kids. I did some time in jail after that and Jail got me sober. Doing time, I could not train in the physical arts but I trained in the mental arts.

After cleaning my head out of all the crap, I went back to my life I had before the "WAR" with my self. I got in touch with my kids and got to know them as people, then I got in touch with my primal side and began to fight, and because my head was in the game now, I started to win and as I won I felt a change off of that!

The change and the wins have made me stronger than I have ever been mentaly, and my coach has helped me to find the faith in my self needed to do NHB successfully!

As I said I am not the same fighter that I once was.

I went to hell, but was saved by my own daughter. Then it was god who gave me a second chance at life, so it was my soul and my life that I gave back to god. I owe my fights to him first and foremost, then my team and my coach, then my self, then to travis fullton for giving me a second chance to do my thing and believe in me!

As I said I am not the same fighter I once was. I have "EVOLVED"


They have crimes worst then cow tipping in North Dakota?

Just joking. You sound like a true warrior. Hope you win all your fights on all fronts.

LOLOL, Yes they have worse crimes! lolol

Thanks, Mr. Dank.


Best wishes to you for success in all areas, Roger. Glad to
hear things are going well for you now. Keep your focus on
what's important and you'll just get stronger.



ttt for a place for Stiner to train near Bismarck, ND.

Stiner, are you going to be at the Jamestown fights? It looks like Kyle, Tuchscherer,Matt, Darlene, and myself will be fighting there. Miguel will be fighting for the XKK that weekend.

Coach, Ya I will be there, I figure since I am all over the posters I might as well make an appearance with the belt on my arm since there are only 2 fights left here in ND!

I am going to see if I cant sweet talk Trav into letting my throw leather with Woods!

I know Woods wants to go with me cause he wants a shot at this belt, and I am just wanting to fight so bad that I am more than happy to accomidate his wishes.

Plus I want to be there Coach with the rest of my team, so either way Sir, I will be there.

I was very surprised to see the Playmakers fights got "postponed".

But I think it is better that way, I think Kyle might need the rest from fighting every weekend!

So yes sir coach, I will be there.


good luck to ya roger.

Thanx Fabes, means alot.


Thanx Fabes, good to see I have some support from my fellow fighting family.


OK, see you there then. Good luck getting a match, but you know how it goes, show up with you gear because there is always someone missing.

Thanx Coach Sir.

Looking forward to it!

Hey Coach, I heard threw the grape vine that you and Kristoff are gonna go at it....... is that true?
If so, That is one fight that I would pay to see!

I hope, no scratch that, I KNOW you will win! After all you are the coach of the #1 ranked fighting team of ND!

I am more than proud, to be a member.

Cant wait sir.