I know you love to hate.....

but if you guys could please separate the logic from the hate on this one I'd appreciate it.

Rodney Buford is kicking ass for the Nets, he barely got playing time while with the Kings last year but he looked pretty good from what I saw of him. Did they screw up by letting him go or is he just fitting in well with a totally different team??

Also, I was surprised not so much that they got rid of him, (I don't know much about him) but that they got rid of both him and Peeler. Again, if you could separate the bashing and the logic (if there is any in this situation) into two different segments I'd really appreciate it. :)

They are thin on guards, and I just don't understand this. Then again, Maurice Evans has been quite studly in the bits that he's played. Gotta love board crashers.

LOL, Rodney Buford has been getting RAPED. He is the worst player on the Nets in terms of plus/minus. He sucks in every statistical category and is a crappy defender. Ok, maybe I was too harsh he doesn't commit a lot of turnovers.


Now as for Peeler, he has also sucked this season, and he's old. Let me know if you need proof.

As for Evans he really hasn't played enough minutes to evaluate. So far all he's really shown is absolutely horrendous defense.


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