I let Joshua Fabia go off for almost an hour

Can’t say I am not patient! I let him have his voice. I am staying political in this to avoid bad vibes and just hope the best for Diego, a true legend of the sport and old roommate of mine during TUF 1! There is just so much to digest with all of this…


I love you Mike. I don’t know if I can listen to that guy talk for an hour :slight_smile:



Thanks Mike.



I have to save this for later. Maybe make a challenge/drinking game type thing to see if anyone can last an hour of Fabia


lol - All you have to do is (in your mind) change the category of the show from Fighting, or Sport, or MMA - to comedy! I bet it works as comedy.

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I can’t get over this dudes hair it’s fucking beautiful


He covers a lot hell of a lot! :sweat_smile:


I couldn’t get through it, but just watching Diego sit there and not be part of the conversation, was disturbing.


You’re a better man than me I could only listen to this loon for a minute

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Thanks Mike!

Is this a new interview or the same one from a month or so ago? Cheers. Love the podcast bro.

Does Diego seem like a different person in terms of his mental capacity in comparison to 16 years ago?


have the guts to call this idiot an idiot. WTF is with pretending this guy has any sort of credibility or training ability. He’s convinced all the negative online comments are a scam. No dude, you’re just an idiot and anyone who’s not a mental midget can see this guy is trying to be some fake Puerto Rican Jesus. All respect to Diego.


That was a tough hour to listen too.

@Mike_Swick , you have the patience of a Saint. You did not speak a word and let him talk for an hour. Your face remained emotionless. lol

Fabia is definitely a loon. He made me laugh when he said “most people are unaware who they truly are”?!?!!? oh the ironing!!!


that interview was hard to watch. Diego looks like a shell of his former self. This interview seems like it was done before tthe UFC let Diego go.

My friend who has ADHD can be like that, especially in a discussion or argument when he will do whatever it takes to get his point across. He was bullied a lot in High school for this reason. I don’t know if Josh has ADHD but I think he might be a bit mentally challenged. I know he initiated the problem at the UFC fighter meeting, I kinda wish that the UFC staff would’ve taken the high road and not have to get into it with Fabia. It’s kind of like Charlie Z, it’s just sad to see


I have no context for this. I’ve never seen anything like it. Are there other people like this? Is this what cult leader gurus are like? I can’t wrap my head around it.


It’s as old as time.

Usually it’s charismatic, and impressive people, with particular manipulative and controlling tendencies, and personalities. They will then persuade, and gain power over, impressionable people.

Those people get their sense of reality warped by this new source of information about reality.

There was a very good JRE years ago on the subject. It was around the same time you and Chris were both on.

It was a guy named Steve Hassan. He was former member of the Moonies, who then left, got out, got help, and then became an educator and therapist to cult members.


Thank you for the information. The only thing I have seen that feels similar is Bipolar disorder in a manic phase. But I’m not a doctor. And this gentleman appears to be always this way. I’m sad about it all, not entertained. I’m almost too baffled by him to even be angry.