I let Joshua Fabia go off for almost an hour

Everytime he brings up his kindergarten glory days, it just cracks me up. I imagine he was the same size and was just crushing 5 year olds on the field. By the time 1st grade rolled around, all the toddlers caught up to his size and he was forced to retire.

I was wondering why the Diego/Fabia thing felt so familar. Then I remembered there was a similar situation with these two Russian girls back in the early 2000’s.

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What similarity do you see? They were fake lesbians, just a project, then parted ways.

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Nothing was “fake”, Lena and Julia were soulmates just like Diego and Joshua.

And their stories are epic.

Back off bro…he broke somebody’s back at the Reno Tournament of Champions…

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Settle down, Joshua.

You’re wrong.

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I can’t believe we haven’t seen a Diego’s Trainer SN yet

See, now here is where the new forum fails against the old. No downvote button.

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Forget touch butt.


It’s not touch butt…it’s penetrate butt at this point…


black belt in BULLSHITSU

We’re not training we’re just doing this…with movement and breathing

Fabia is selling some incredible services

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His wisdom hasn’t taught him how not to come across as abrasive, antagonistic, negative, and problem causing.

So, if the goal of his wisdom to have him seem to be those things, then it is working just fine!

So he claims that he knows more than the other kids because he stopped growing when he was 12. Makes sense.

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$200 bucks for words of wisdom from Joshua Fabia?

Does he elaborate on the Chicken issue?

Was a weird attempt he made.

“Does that make sense?”

  • Joshua Fabia

Um… not really, bro!

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