I let Joshua Fabia go off for almost an hour

“Maybe @cowboycerrone training methods should be questioned??” Sanchez said on his Instagram story (via LowKickMMA). “Racing, mountain biking, wakeboarding, snow mobiling, hunting, shooting, Jerky selling, traveling like a rockstar and chewing with Monster drink….hope Donald the bigot gets taken to the hospital to protect his head he said needed healing.”

Not to mention that hogs/pigs are far tastier than chickens, even on their best days.

Hogs/Pigs = Bacon, Pork Chops = No Can Defeat!

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That’s the best short encapsulation of what’s going on that I have read to date.

It’s an aside, but I am pretty sure Fabia models his voice on Bruce Lee’s, in an attempt to appear profound.


I’m certain that he does. He is not a positive influence on anyone at present, and I sincerely believe that he might have some legitimate issues of his own. He shouldn’t be working with people to try and direct them with regard to how they should live.

The funniest thing is when someone that isn’t very smart or intellectual tries to sound profound.

They come off like Little Carmine from the Sopranos


the black-haired girl is actually running for State Duma from Putin’s party (not a joke)

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So what happened?
Diego spotted a white chicken running wild?

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All kidding aside I bet Joshua sucks dick like a Champion

Dragon energy

Damn that’s almost as bad as Diego meeting Fabia


Hard pass

I find it quite curious that you didn’t give the race of the bullied chicken. I find it even more curious that you didn’t give the races of the other chickens that were beating the shit out of the poor chicken.


*Damn that King Trav guy

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Looks like it’s time to cut your cock out of your life.

lol. Good ole’ Russia.

Now he is saying Diego is a broke drug addict and he was his sponsor. Also he is saying Diego through fights. Toxic little cunt.

Where’s the source of this interview I keep seeing it all cut up on YouTube

Time for Quinn to drop this guy

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Just to continue with your comment, you know they use oil checks on eachother when rolling. I’d bet my life on it.

And based on the things I’ve seen in this thread, I’m about 99.994% sure when Fabia farts you can’t hear it. It won’t sound anything like normal fart. It’ll most likely sound like a mother feeding her young child a bowl of soup.

Here me out.

The only noise you’ll hear from Fabia will sound like when a mother, before putting the hot soup in her child’s mouth, starts blowing a firm, but focused breath onto a spoon filled with hot soup to cool down the soup before finally feeding her child. So while you’ll barely hear anything, you better be prepared to get kicked in the nose by the foul stench of old, spoiled gizz and a bad eggs fart to hit you. Truly silent but deadly, and he seems like the type of guy to go out of his way to deny that he farted.

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Who’s Quinn?