I let Joshua Fabia go off for almost an hour

Mike asked one question to Diego and Fabio took 49 minutes to answer it, very sad.



Hard to even want to listen to it. Knowing that Diego is being controlled by that little asshat is unbelievably heartbreaking. I just hope and pray Diego cuts loose from him before he snaps, and beats him to death. Then spends the rest of his life in jail over this cheap conman. I might have to watch in segments watching the whole hour will just really piss me off even more so.


That’s tough to sit and listen to.
I always find it so hard to comprehend how people get sucked into the orbit of people like this and actually think to themselves “yeah, this guy makes total sense!”


To be honest, Joshua Fabia suffers from Delusions of Grandeur.

It’s that simple.

Grandiose delusions are one of the most common types of delusions in bipolar disorder. Examples of grandiosity include:

  • Exaggerating your own achievements
  • Criticizing and dismissing other’s achievements or talents
  • Constantly boasting and talking about yourself
  • Believing yourself to be infallible or invulnerable
  • Believing that you are more intelligent than others
  • Thinking that common rules don’t apply to you
  • Acting selfishly
  • Treating others with disdain or contempt
  • Not caring if you hurt someone with your actions
  • Being quick to anger if you are challenged
  • Being unable to see how your behavior affects others
  • Being unable to see how unrealistic your beliefs and actions are

And yes it is part of a bi-polar condition.


Jon Jones!!

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Bingo GIF by The Last Man On Earth


Jones falls more under narcissitic personality as Jones does have accolades to back much of what he says. He actions in other parts of his life tend to show a person with a substance abuse issue and personality flaw consistent of narcissism.


Murder has to be on your mind after one hour of that stuff. Yeah you are patient I love your podcast my man but this episode I think I cannot watch/listen one hour of this fellow…

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Can Jon have both? He seems to display both.

Jones doesn’t really display any form of displacement from reality. Basically, he comes off as an a**hole and entitled due to his success (much like Conor), but both have a firm grip with reality.

It is clear that Fabia truly believes his own bullshit. I don’t feel Fabia is a con-man either because he truly thinks he is outsmarting everyone including UFC, Dana, Shelby, Hunter. Just look at Diego’s tweets of the past few interactions with UFC. He thinks he is proving to the public he and Diego are right when it’s clear as day that he is delusional.

He and Diego will definitely be pursuing legal action against UFC because Fabia thinks he will outsmart them in his own head.


Yeah Jon is an asshole. I just looked at some of the symptoms, and he will display some of the delusions of grandeur. I just think back to when he hit the pregnant woman, and he didn’t care that he broke her arm by his careless actions. Just paid them to go away. Just like you have pointed out that he is just a giant asshole. Fabia really needs to go to a mental hospital, and never get out.

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why was this pinned?

That was no “Real quick” :wink::wink:

Also, it is pretty amazing you kept a straight face and nodding head at that bullshit lol. That was a serious rant that would lose anyone with a hint of ADHD

Swick absolutely deserves an award for being able to sustain that.


Why are all the recent interviews with them in Joshua’s Honda Civic??


Why keep giving this jerk off a platform. People should be asking him how much of Diego’s money he is taking. He is probably taking money as a trainer, manager, guru…straight scamming him


I got about 10 minutes and tapped out. Couldn’t take it