I like Apinal a lot but Curtis is going to steam roll him

I got nothing against Aspinal. He is a great guy and a great fighter, I think he will make a great champ one day. I just think Curtis has him number. I think he hits harder, he is bigger, stronger, and his wrestling is much better.

If Aspinal wins I will be happy for him, he definitely has the tools to get it done.

It’s gonna be a great fight!

  • Aspinal
  • Curtis

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I’ve listened to Apinals interviews and I really like the guy. He seems like a throw back to the UFC fighters that fought because they loved fighting, not followers on twitter

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At least spell the man"s name correctly.

Aspinall takes Blaydes sorry ass.

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I love the matchup. Tom Aspinall has looked great and I’m hoping Blaydes can really test him.

I think Aspinall has a great future. Seems like a good guy, intelligent, nice.

I don’t know what he’s going to have for Blaydes wrestling though.

Wow 80% for Aspinall! I have no problem if he wins. If he wins I think he should be fighting for a title


Aspinall looks like he has all the tools. Can’t wait to find out


Hes very well rounded, but its very hard to stop a well rounded wrestling game

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For sure. The English don’t tend to have that background


Aspirin is the safer bet

I would describe Curtis as technically sound but charismatically deficient.


That is a fair assessment although he is trying to improve. I know Dana is hoping Aspinall wins, then he will have his Bisping 2.0, the ticket to the UK. I don’t think his Nigerian champs are being in much money


Lol, Aspinall is going to crush Blaydes and make it look easy.

Fuck that tea-drinking sissy

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She’s out of my league :frowning:

It’s definitely changed over here. After everybody got destroyed in the early days when they faught an American, people seem to embrace grappling a lot more.

That said there are levels & you could be right. Hope not though!