I like Apinal a lot but Curtis is going to steam roll him

The only thing that’s changed is that they tend to be better defending takedowns. But when they hit the ground their clueless. Just look at Rhys McKee vs Khamzat and John Williams, they were totally chanceless, so no it hasn’t changed.

I think Aspinall takes that one, same size, much quicker, better stand up and has decent BJJ! Even more so if Curtis has fallen in love with his hands, I see Aspinall finishing him.

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Decent? He has AWESOME BJJ

I don’t know that much about his BJJ, he is a black belt with 3 subs in MMA. But, has he ever done ADCC, Mundials, SUG, EBI……etc?

I am a fan of both. I have a feeling they will meet more than once and be in the hunt for the titles for years.

I like Aspinalls promos better but I’ve always rooted for Curtis. He needs to improve his fight IQ but the tools are there

Yeah honestly it could go either way! I’m a Brit, so leaning more towards Tom, but I like Curtis as well. should be a good fight!

Eh the sport
And MMA/BJJ is so different. Look how many crossovers have done poorly

I guess when I hear someone say he has “AWESOME BJJ" I think of the likes of Jacare, Maia, Gracie, Almeida, Penn etc.

That’s why I said Aspinall has decent BJJ, in comparison decent is good!

I think Blaydes has been softened up quite a bit by Lewis and Nganou twice that if Aspinal can stay sharp with his boxing he could potentially TKO or submit Blaydes easily during the melee and scramble.

Aspinals victory over the Russian Volkov was very impressive.

Curtis is a booty bandit name.5 round dry humping

I mean the guy with the most sub wins in MMA is not an elite sport BJJ guy

Tim Kennedy grappled with Roger Gracie in their MMA fight and did fine.

I got Blaydes

I think Aspinall TKOs Blaydes.

I am leaning towards Blaydes, want Aspinall.

I know, but his sub game is proven. Aspinall has only 3 sub wins and 1 sub loss in MMA. I was just wondering what makes you feel/think his BJJ is awesome?

Watch his fights. How many people have subbed Arlovski or manhandled Volkov in grappling like he did?