I like Bonjasky however....

I don't think he deserves to be GP champ.If you asked me who my favorite guys in K-1 were Bonjasky would be one of my top five due to his excitement level but he doesn't have the skills to be at teh top right now.

His main weakness is he has bad balance and minimal boxing skills.His flying kicks are exciting but he almost falls down everytime he throws them.When he koed vernon he almost fell out of the ring.

His boxing skills leave a lot to be desired.When CroCop fought him last year every punch he threw went right through Bonjasky's guard and every uppercut rocked his head back.

I think Bonjasky has potential in a couple of years but I feel he won the weakest tournament in a long time and doesn't deserve to be K-1 champ.

This is about as bad as Frye winning UFC8 or Ruas winning 7.I mean if varelans makes it to the finals how tough was it really?

I agree this was a weak line up. But he did prove to be the best of the bunch.

So it was a fishing tourney?

Bonjansky kinda reminds me of that weird skinny guy from "Bloodsport". If he's the guy I'm thinking of, and I'm pretty sure he is.

I thought it was Sefo's year but the flu took a lot out of him. The biggest disappointment was Alexey Ignashov who looked like complete crap. Normally Ignashov is one of my favorite fighters but he did absolutely nothing against Aerts. Musashi surprised the hell out of me - would anyone pick him over Sefo and Aerts?

Bonjasky is exciting and a good fighter but I don't think he's sturdy enough to beat a lot of fighters. Luckily for him, he barely took any shots in those fights.

Anyone else notice that Bjorn Bregy had bitch tits? [edited to be fairer to Bregy]

If you wanted to find a polite way to say it than you could say "Did anyone notice that he had gynacomastia"

He has always had them from as far back as I can remember.I know a lot of guys that don't work out that get that too.I also know a lot of potsmokers that het them as well

I suppose "bitch tits" wasn't the most polite thing I could have said. Since it seems he's had that for awhile, I'll edit my post and remove the insinuation.

no problem