I like Cruickshank

He definitely needs another step up to prove his worth. When he's on, he's deadly! Phone Post 3.0

I try to never miss his fights. Guy is an action movie star in the form of an MMA fighter Phone Post 3.0

Dudes a fuckin stud! Phone Post 3.0

His fights are always fun to watch dating back to TUF. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah he's cool I've won a signed hat, affliction shirt, and official UFC rulebook from him on Twitter Phone Post 3.0

He's fun to watch. Always attacking, can't wait to see him fight again. Seems like a good dude to boot.

White Cung Le IMO Phone Post 3.0

My internet cut out as I was trying to put $40 on him at 5:1. It resumed as his headkick landed. Phone Post 3.0

Detroit superstar baby. Dude is awesome to watch. Fresh exciting, bet duke would like to train him! Phone Post 3.0

What a highlight finish for him! What a exiting fighter! Definitely ko of the night! Phone Post 3.0

TheDeadlyRhythm - Dudes a fuckin stud! Phone Post 3.0
And he's a good fighter too! Phone Post 3.0

Dig the crankshaft. Phone Post 3.0

I don't.

Great athlete

Dude has sick kicks Phone Post 3.0

He's great. Would like to see him fight Makdessi again as I don't think that was his best night...though Makdessi is a stud. Phone Post 3.0

His fight against Martinez made me a fan, some of the combos he used when he was teeing off on him were fucking beautiful Phone Post 3.0