I like hairy vaginas

I like a little fur on my burger if you want me to tell the truth.
I like my puss in boots!

Fake bush!

S’all good until you’re eating supper one night and find a massive pubic hair in your spaghetti dinner…

I don’t like that!!


I have missed you good buddy!

As someone who started having sex in the late 80’s I’ll say that’s a LOT of bush.

Looks fake IMO.

That said, as a teenager there’s no way I’d pass on that…

I have always loved bush. I assume from being alive in the 80s. In high school when I first started fucking all girls had bushes. Then in the late 90’s everyone was suddenly bald. It was strange to me, yes it looked pretty, but i was also thinking, you trying to look like a little kids bald pussy? No good for me.

Every girl I date I make them grow their hair out. Most LOVE that they can finally. They just kept it bald because guy’s hated it. I say, " make" them gro it out. That just means i encourage them to be as free as they want. Only one girl said no way, she haits being hairy. I respect her, of course, it’s her choice, I just chose not to continue dating her. Free country.

I do believe in being free and natural though, in all ways. Hairy vageen, hairy pits, hairy asshole, I don’t care, be you and be free.

But there’s a darker side to this boys. My last two girl friends, now liberated with this newfound freedom to be themselves, took it next level. They let their leg hair grow out. At first I thought, no way! I draw the line. But then I saw the hypocrisy in it. So I went with it. Now I don’t even notice with the new girl. Her hair is red, her pits are red, her pussy is red, and her leg hair is Joe Biden translucent.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, and I’d dying in this hairy jungle! Fuck the OG!

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Hairy vaginas AND hairy assholes. The hairier the better!

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RE. Soul Gravy, MONICA!

Dance Feeling It GIF by MOODMAN

Yet I could work with that! Ha!

@Soul_Gravy knows his stuff! When it comes to women, theres nobody I trust more!