I like Jones and He Can Take Punch Too..

I like Jones he's good for the sport! As for the haters hating on him the only thing I can think of is their lives are so pathetic they are jealous of his accomplishments and rather then getting off thier asses and trying to accomplish something in thier own lives they would rather rag on someone else.

He is on a terror cleaning out the LH division. He Has literally walked through 3 former champs and much of the division. The Guy deserves props. Props also to Machida he did much better then I thought and landed some good shots on Jones something no one else has done. And the Machida we saw tonight would beat anyone else at LH except Jones. However it also proves Jones can take a punch. Some of those shots were knock out punches on most anyone else.

People say he is cocky I say bullshit stop hating! The guy is well spoken and humble. He even said Machida hitting him hard was good for him because it proved to himself and everyone else he could take a punch.

He showed that he could switch up his game as needed. Machida was fast and tagged him a few times so instead of continuing to trade with him he countered tagged him and moved into a clinch took him down and dropped one of those nasty elbows on him. And that standing choke in the next round was sick. Who else does that to a legit BJJ black belt?

It's time give the guy his due he has earned it and stop hating because you think it is the in or cool thing to do...

War Bones Jones!