I like this forum

Seriously. Because every other gaming forum on the entire internet consists of barely literate, 12 year old, matrix and/or anime geeks and threads that go about 5 genuine responses before the flames start. Check out gamespy or gamespot for example, pick any thread and you'll see what I mean.

fucke you diclke3ad

I think it only updates in fixed intervals.. Not sure how often

I think one reason it's a decent forum is because we all came to MMA.tv for a different reason than gaming. It seems to imply that we have at least one other interest in life, unlike some other gaming forums.

Other game forums are seriously depressing.

However, this is the only gaming forum where I am worried that if I argued with someone they could actually physically kick my ass

Good point.

I like my games, but I like my MMA, women and partying just as much.

I just grew up with them, it's pretty cool to see what we started with and where computer games are now.

" like my games, but I like my MMA, women and partying just as much"

What is this "MMA" and "women" you speak of?!

I'm off to take over the ninja level 50 clan of Morrowind 'cause I got this cool +36 to hit and damage triple bladed axe with fire and stuff so I'll check for the answer tomorrow.