I like this guy...

How can you not?   

I still imitate the "I'M THE BEST EVA, I'M THE BEST EVAAA"

- And while he lost the battle in this one, it was an epic event and "The Legend" was carried from the ring and NEVER won again.  I think his soul is still in Baronis trophy case. 

Did I mention I like this guy?

Always will have love for the NYBA

 Famous :-)

Hmmm, Frank served him as we all know. One is a legend in
mma, the other a legend in his own mind.


Dont call it a comeback...

More classics...

 How about some NYBA love???

KenP -  How about some NYBA love???

You got it Ken. Nothing but love for the NYBA around here. Phil Baroni is great for the sport!!!