I love Avacados

But I hate that they go bad in about an hour. What gives??



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Yep mihow is right, I buy 5 at a time at costco.

Once they are ripe put them in the fridge they last weeks.

How do you know they're ripe? Feel soft?

Eat the whole thing you girl. Problem solved. 

Johnny Salami - 

How do you know they're ripe? Feel soft?

Yes, slightly soft

I've found a lot of people in the midwest will say they don't like avocado, but then you realize it is because they've never had a ripe one. I guess if you don't grow up in avocado land, you never develop those skills.

It has to be soft, but not too soft. Not sure what to compare it to, it needs to squish a bit like clay, you don't want it to be rubbery, but you don't want it to feel soft/wet inside. Ideally you can find one actually ripe one, then a couple slightly under ripe, so they are ready after you've eaten the first one.

I average 1.5 per day

we buy 20 a week and I eat 11-12 per week

the lady eats the rest

I eat them with a spoon, or next to my steak

And agreed on the fridge technique, they will stay right at the perfect point of ripeness for quite a while. I've had a ripe avocado in the fridge for a week and had it still be good.


Don't squeeze that shit, just push the button, maaaaan.

I just found frozen avocado at the grocery store (made by welchs )...it is great for my morning protein shake