I love giving compliments

Who wants one?!?!?!


Great thread OP!

Not as great as you!!!

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Hit me wit it

Season 6 Aww Shucks GIF by Friends


You have the largest cock in your zip code!!


Though there are only sixteen of us I am still plenty flattered by that. Thank you

Well you have 1 inch for every person in your zip code! Got get 'em Mr. 16 incher!!! just be gentle…

I’d like to be complimented.

I mean, you’re a Thrill Hammer, that’s like 4th in line after the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Plus, you brighten everyone’s life, even if they aren’t always aware of it.

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I love op’s swag.

You certified in the hood fam.

I learned my swag from your example. YOu are an exemplary human being who’s energy lightens a room the way the Big Bang brought the glory of the universe into the vast emptiness of space.

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Wow OP you’re great at giving compliments

I am to giving complements what you are to sexually satisfying Eastern European Supermodels!!

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Thanks pal.


Holy shit what a compliment

Honestly, I’m surprised your dick hasn’t fallen off at this point. Take care of it, the female population of Ukraine depends on it.

You ARE a power ranger!!

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