I LOVE IT when the GREEDY feel 'the BERN'!

“American people support me, not you!”: Bernie Sanders confronts Lindsey Graham at Fox News debate

“The policies that I advocate are taking place all over the world,” Sanders said

Lmao @ 50% tax being “successful”.

At one point leftist were bragging about the success of Venezuela. In fact Bernie boy was quite vocal about it. Then they collapsed as socialism always does.

These idiots will do the same, it will just take longer since it’s a parasite in the capitalist side.

Le Shat

Bernie Sanders


This is what a rigged and corrupt economy looks like: -Stock market: Best monthly gains in 33 years -Unemployment: Worst since the Great Depression We have got to fundamentally change the economy. Wall Street CEOs should not be profiteering off of so much pain and suffering.

He will do nothing about it, ever.

Bernie Sanders


The American people are being played for suckers. Congress must stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.

Sanders Files Amendment to Limit $76 Billion in ‘Corporate Welfare’ for Microchip Industry

“If private companies are going to benefit from generous taxpayer subsidies, the financial gains made by these companies must be shared with the American people, not just wealthy shareholders.”

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Bernie is a steaming pile of dung. Socialism is thievery.

Sanders ‘delighted’ DeSantis asked White House to import Canadian prescription drugs

Speaking to Business Insider, Sanders said he was not bothered that DeSantis and former President Trump had put their support behind importing cheaper medicines from Canada, an idea that the Vermont senator has long advocated for as a way of lowering prescription drug prices.

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Tucker Carlson Channels His Inner Bernie Sanders to Blast Tech Oligarch Jeff Bezos

He was bought TWICE by DEMOCRATS to DROP OUT of the RACE!!

He’s a FRAUD!

This is me when I get to high.

I start thinking, “Man, have I been retarded all my life but everyone it’s just nice to me and doesn’t bring it up? Because I feel fucking retarded right now.”

This coming from a guy who graduated HS with a 4.0 and had a full ride to a state university. I remember first times taking huge bong rips in college and just feeling like such a retard then getting all in my head and believing I was a retard but nobody wanted to tell me.

Big reason I only go with edibles a few times a month now to relax. Well, been like that for years now. I def handle it better in my older age





Democrats could see a bruising clash with Sanders over economic bill

he also made pointed remarks at the bill, which he said “does virtually nothing to address the enormous crises that working families all across this country are facing today.”

The Vermont senator specifically announced he would be introducing an amendment “to make sure that Medicare pays no more for prescription drugs than the [Veterans Affairs]. He also pushed for measures to provide “comprehensive dental vision and hearing benefits,” in addition to lowering “the Medicare eligibility age to at least 60” and to extend the solvency of Medicare.

Bernie Sanders pushes to shape up Medicare

“Adding dental, vision, and hearing benefits to Medicare is supported by 84% of the American people”

Sanders Takes Aim at Big Oil, Big Pharma Concessions in Inflation Reduction Act

On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) announced that he is planning to file amendments to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in order to remedy certain concessions in the bill that top Democrats tailored to please corporate-friendly Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia).

“In my view, we have to do everything possible to take on the greed of the fossil fuel industry, not give billions of dollars in corporate welfare to an industry that has been actively destroying our planet. I will be introducing an amendment to do just that,” Sanders said,

I hope Bernie/AOC and “the SQUAD” will TAKE DOWN the CORRUPT CLINTONS, StormyDonTrumpsteins, and Poltroon Pelosis and the REST of those SLEEZY Political Nerd Mafia CRIMINALS!