I love Max Kellerman

Mad Lampley look like a no ntohing wind bag that he is. Give him hell Max!

get a room.

srlsy I prob would fuck him right now

this seems dumb.

Max Kellerman seems to be doing alright for himself.

Max has been a mma fan for a while now. He was one of the first national sports media figures to support mma.

"Max Kellerman has been an annoying fuck for years. One pro-MMA statement does not make a decent man of him.

E "

and you are still the biggest homo on mma forums since your sherdog days, Delta

max is good

better than the other older guy who comment on boxing

Just like a guy who might be a wrestler first and foremost but acknowledges and respects the skill in bjj, kickboxing, judo, etc.

Kellerman is not a style troll and good rep for the young generation of boxing fans.

I have always liked Kellerman. He has an opinion and backs it up with knowledge, not just talking out of his ass.

I like Max...For boxing, I dont think there's much better. Teddy Atlas is good too but, he doesnt have the energy of Kellerman.

I got my pic with him, talked to him for 10 minutes and nearly kidnapped to take home with me.

What exactly did Lampley say and what was Kellerman's response?

exactly what did lampley say?

Max is cool. Very solid opinions w/ a good head on his shoulders.

i like max. i dont know why any mma fan wouldnt like him. he is one of the supporters of mma in the media, and has been for years. if/when the UFC airs on HBO, id like to see max involved with the events. along with rogan..

Jim basically said that boxing is not dying. It's a pure sport and the rising fad of mma doesn't house the same level of athletes and skill that today's boxers show.

Max responded by saying that he totally disagrees with Jim, stating that some MMA fighters are on the same level of skill in their game as guys like Floyd are in boxing.

Max kind of pointed out that they are totally different sports, though there can be similar elements.

Also, Max started his first radio show out of his house. Pretty damn inspiring for you couch potatoes.