god dang i think about this shti 24/7!!

i love Muay Thai, i love BJJ its all a new world to me (about 2-3 years ago) but damn!!!

i just fuckin love this shit, the sport, this site, the great conversations, the bullshit trolls!!

all of it!!


even just an "me too"

but damn this is the best sport in the world, next to Shuffle Board.

sorry for the lame thread guys but damn sometimes i just wanna fuckin scream at the top of my lungs how great this sport is.

*covers head from flaming*


I can't get enough MMA!


dogface yeah i still dont understand that whole sex shit, i just like when they punch each other in the face *spoken like a redneck*

thanks Matt!

ttt for mma.


nobody would post here who doesnt love mma

Best sport in the world.

Why don't you start fighting?

I have to get online and find out any news right away.I love this sport so much.I train everyday and love getting into competitions.

HP i have thought about it, but i dont have the time to train to fight.

even when i was doign MT Din Thomas and my trainer both kept tryin to get me to fight, but seeing as how most people who fight MMA train more than an hour a day, i wont step in the ring with only an hour a day training.

I know what your trying to do and i dont know why, but with your lithium comment and that post, plus the other negative things you tend to say on my threads, i know its true.

but thats why i dont fight, shit i keep getting the edge to say fuck it and do it but again....

the training comes into play, its been almost a year since ive seen my MT trainer if i can get all this stuff worked out with my moms cancer and i get my ends back and i can go back to training MT, belive me you will be the first to know when im fighting.


Max true, but there alot of people WHO post here that are horrible for the sport.


HP what kind of training do you have?


Dude, take a deep breath.....

Eaaaaaasssssyyyy man.

MMA is the shit...cant wait for my next fight on Feb 19th brother!


lol bull, yeah its probly just the red bull but i dont think there is ANY harm in this thread....


TH001 yeah i went and checked them but they only have classes at night, i dont get off until 10

they do offer classes on the weekends and as soon as i get over this cracked rib and my mom is all set up im gonna go check them out for training.

the guy i spoke with said hes been training MT for about 10 years but id like to know what kind of fights hes had, when i go to train im gonna all bases with him

i really wish i could just go back to my old trainer, but the dough is tough, im training BJJ at Orlando BJJ with William Bittencourt.

i will keep you updated on the MT situation im determined to start training again once i get things situated.

FG hey man goodluck with your fight and the event!!!



man i cant wait to have time off when they have another UFC in the US...

i have to go there.


sounds like your in a similar boat to myself.

William is about the same cost as Marcios place so thats gonna be your call.

but i have your email ill shoot you an emial tomorrow im trying to get together with people who want to train on the weekends (free time) just at my place, i have all the pads we need just no one to train with so ill shoot at you if your interested.


love mma...

but i don't think i'll get in the ring. prolly get my dick kicked in and my brains mashed so hard they come out of my ears like tooth paste if i ever did.

Texas- you should attend the event on Feb 12th in Kaukauna, WI or my fight on Feb 19th in Madison,WI


This sport is the ultimate.

I'd been waiting for MMA my WHOLE life... Even when I was 12 I questioned what martial arts could REALLY offer.