I love Randy but ...

I dont think hes got Machidas number. Hes always had trouble with good counter punchers, Liddel K.O.ed him twice and Lyoto is a better counter guy than Chuck.

I give him all the cred in the world for calling out tough guys at this point in his career. But just like the Brock fight I think hes in over his head.


Edit:  Huge Randy and Lyoto fan here so Im pumped and sad all at the same time lol


Good point

Good point. Think machida by TKO 2nd Round Phone Post

Plus he is almost 50. This is not the type of fight he should be taking at this point in his career.

he's got lyoto's number...as in, Lyoto vs. Randy is a headline event and Lyoto has to pretty much do whatever the fuck Zuffa asks him to at this point if he wants to stay on board. Loser is out of the game fight.


It is very sad, but this is true.

Randy is in trouble here.

I think Randy takes this.

Randy always wins when I pick against him. Not touching this one.

fabes - Randy always wins when I pick against him. Not touching this one.

 Not even with a 25 centimeter pole?


Never say never with Randy folks!! It all depends on which Randy steps up to the plate that day. Will it be the Randy with great timing that whooped Chuck, Tito, Sylvia and Gonzaga or will it be the awkward looking Couture that gets KO'd.

I really pray he doesn't get KO'd again!!

 ^^^ I know I just dont want to see him go out again. I honestly want Machida to win because I dont want him to fall off the radar. I want to see the belt back around him. Like its been said... a loss here for either one is bad. Randy however can just go retire and still be a legend. Machida is still in the grind and his career depends on not loosing again for awhile.

WAR MACHIDA  ... ( sorry Randy)

I don't think Randy has a shot in hell and this will be the end of him. but, not taking anything away from him.

Hope Randy gets KTFO!!!!  Then he can tweet about retiring all he wants!!

 I don't think Randy has much of a chance at this point in his career, but I'm still excited to see the fight.  I just hope he has a good showing.