I love Royce and I have the most respect in the world for him. I wish they would have not put this fight together, I felt sick before the fight because I knew what was going to happen and it sure enough did happen.

I feel it was a bad thing for the UFC to put this fight together.

Royce is amazing and every single one of us on this forum owe a GREAT debt of gratitude to him and his family for bring this wonderful sport to the world and giving us the amazing sport and Martial Arts of Jiu-Jitsu!!

Royce you are a legend. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Zack Brennan

I feel the same way, on all counts.

how can you love someone you don't even know..that's a little creepy.

I respect Royce and all his accomplishments - he was my childhood hero.

Whatever debt we owe the Gracies has now been paid. This is a compliment btw. Since Royce is my age, I have to say I was hoping he'd show an improvement in style but age breaks you down. I feel old now :(

Well, it took MUCH longer for the world to fully incorporate BJJ into ints MMA arenal than I thought it would. What's next looks pretty exciting.

Royce in his best days would have lost to Hughes.

You people need to go watch the lvl of competition he competed against.

He was the first.

He isnt the best... hell he isnt even top 10.

This was a marketing maneuver, nothing more.

This IMO has bigger disparity than Tyson/Lewis and that was a joke too.


TTT Good thread.

I was very sad. I love Matt and he is one of my favorite fighters and pretty much knew he would win I just hoped it would be more competitive.

Royce was my teacher and friend for a long time. We use to go to Magic Mountain and shit and he was my hero for a very long time. I respect the hell out of him and what he has done and I hope he is done doing it because that was very hard to watch.

Thank you Royce for everything man and Matt you are a friggin animal and you scare my wife.

I give it all up to Royce...he's the reason that I got interested in BJJ....then I started at a place called Next Generation for a little bit...a real little bit...and this guy Chris welcomed me and it was all good. Both of you are insperations to me and I pray everything will go well for you both and your families.

God Bless


I was in utter shock the entire match.

Royce looked slow and unusually passive. I hate to play the age card here, but I saw Royce move when he was younger fighter and he was incredibly fast on the ground....like the first Shamrock fight when he was briefly on the losing end of a mount and ZIP, he escaped in a second.

My first hint that this would happen was watching his training tape, where he aimlessly pawed his arms and legs in the air in an attempt to improve his striking.

I love Royce with all my strength, but this fight broke my heart.

In in late Nineties, I went to a Royce seminar in Denver where he was watching me roll with another beginner who was much bigger than I. I got excited because I escaped the mount into half guard and I saw that his neck was for the taking (guilotine!). I greedily wrapped around, ignoring that I only had a half.

Royce scolded me a bit, telling me that I was too eager to finish him. "Be patient. You have to clear the leg into guard before you try that move. Position before submission."

I never forgot those words.

Seeing Royce do the exact same thing against Hughes tonight made me want to cry. Hughes looked on the top of his game, but I agree with those saying that Royce look defeated before he stepped into the ring.

That didn't look like Royce out there.