I Love the AFC!

That 32 man tournament was completly awesome. Guys coming from all over the world to compete in Moscow Russia. If any of you havent seen this event its a must!

Igor Vovchanchin was looking great until he got the ol' chin in the eye. He completely distroyed some dude they call "Beeta". He beat him once and the Brazilian complained and got another shot. Then Igor smashed the poor grapplers face and broke his nose I think.

There were so many good fighters that competed in that first show. Tra Telligman pounded the shit out of his opponent. Kind of reminded me of Pat Smith vs Ninja Morris.

Awesome job by the big man Ricardo Morias winning this huge tournament.

I know some of the titles to these AFC events got srewed up by lapenda. I bought the tapes AFC Elim, AFC finals, AFC 2, AFC3.

The second on has Roberto Travin winning a tournament. Also an Igor fight. The next one has Nick Nutter and Igor in a tournament. Has anyone seen the ones after that?

Did the AFC stop doing shows in russia/isreal to re-locate in Florida?

the afc in russia is a different promotion than the one in florida. there are about 5 different afc promotions :)


Absolute Fighing Championship(s). There is 2 I know of.