I love the tittle of this clip



 Wow, does anyone know who that dude is and if he's okay?

 That was fucking nasty........

its actually hard to watch once you know whats coming...


I've seen that before and I can honestly say I can't watch it that often. Hearing the snap of his back sort of makes me cringe.

And LOL @ wrestling move goes bad!

 its kinda funny how the guy that did it just sat there like "he's hurt, what happened"

 A guy at judo did the camel clutch on me once and I honestly thought my back was broken. He was my kohai so I fucking reamed him out. I think you could hear me screaming (obscenities) from space.

How could anyone with half a brain do that to someone. The dude that folded him him looked like he had a black belt. You would think he'd have some awareness of how the body works.