I love Wand but give Chuck his due

Apparently Chuck could only KO grapplers/wrestlers with sloppy, over hand rights.

Last night, i saw him completely control and outbox Wanderlei Silva. He also stalked Silva and didnt just wait for the counter, which would have been fair game.

Both guys threw down huge when they exchanged. We know Wand's a warrior and he showed his more strategic game yet again, even though he's showed it against Rampage both times amonst other times.

Im not questioning Wand's heart, ive always been a fan but give Chuck his due. People have doubted his skill, his heart and the fact that he cant box strikers.

Why is no one talking about that?

All we heard is that Chuck can only KO wrestlers.....

Honestly, it was reach as much as roids. Chuck kept him outside

^ Exactly. That was so evident early on. Some might call it a "styles make fights" thing.

And Soko still seemed explosive, just out gamed. Hmmm, that "styles make fights" thing sure rings true a lot.

Ok, this wasnt an invitation for Zuffa zombies to come out and play either.

Its about giving Chuck his due. Stick to the subject.

Chuck outfought Wanderlei for sure. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I wouldn't have been surprised to see him catch Silva coming in and KO him, but outfighting him for 15 minutes was not in my realm of conception (especially not after the Jardine fight).

Silva seemed much more tenative off the juice, even if he dropped to middleweight Anderson finishes him in under 2.

I'm ecstatic Chuck won...but is anyone else concered about his cardio? He had trouble standing at the end of the 2nd round and I'm not sure he could make a 5 rounder with his current routine...