I love you Isiah

that is all.

That dude still eats at red lobster like its high class, you know he hasn't forgot where he came from.

I don't know why he gets so much much shit. He was a dick in his playing days but he was a warrior. Anyone who thinks Iverson plays balls out, should watch some tape of Thomas, still one of my favorite players of all time

I wish I'd seen more of him.

Isiah was a beast playing.

"That dude still eats at red lobster like its high class"

What are you trying to say? lol

lol, he's calling you low brow. :)

"What are you trying to say? lol"

me and you can eat at Red lobster like we are high class, because to us it is, lol Thomas is a millionaire and acts like its a night how on the town

"My memory of Isaiah kissing Magic will always make me dis them."

that is understandable

One of my all time nba favourites. I had the game ptm2020 mentions on tape and used to watch it over and over again. I even used to do the teeth licking thing Isiah used to do when playing lol.

i stopped liking that guy after he froze Sean Elliott out of the offense for the time he was there.

ISIAH was awesome back in his day...one of the guys that could shake and bake with the best of em...young kids just don't see that...he could go between his legs and shake the shit out of you. It's funny seeing these kids going cross over all the time.

love him even more if he trades mutumbo, anderson, and thomas and ends up with nick van exel and erick dampier.

well for the warriors, Nick is gone either way even though Damp is playing well this season it wouldbe a big mistake to give him a shit load of money that he wants, let him go

with the moves he's made already, mabe he could actually find a sucker to take allan houston

still love him?

I love you Isiah! I have faith!

without Isiah the knicks would have a worse record than the hornets

Dickau or Marbury?

tough call.

not a tough call, marbury is the best point guard EVA