I Loved Last Night's Fights

Mousasi-Lawal was great - two heavy hitters with differing styles trying to outgrit each other.

Melendez-Aoki was awesome - classic striker vs. (feared) grappler match.

Shields-Henderson was cool - huge underdog overcomes adversity and silences critics (and don't forget the post-fight brawl).

So what's with the Strikeforce hate? Am I missing something??

No, I haven't watched those yet.

I became a Jake Shield's fan last night. I thought the fights were good and the melee at the end was hilarious.

Strikeforce is on the map.

Kirks revenge -Strikeforce is on the map.


By the way, I want to actually see a Mousasi-Lawal rematch.

Agreed for sure.  I enjoyed all 3 fights.  The pace of the show was awful but i was entertained.

But they have to do something about 75 minutes of fight time out of 150 minutes.


Shields definitely deserves props for gutting it out. Too bad he punches like girl. That's the reason Hendo never gave up his back, the punches weren't any danger to him. Given the number of times Shields had Hendo mounted, the fight should have been over early.

I thought the losing fighters were awesome also. Let's look at it:

  • Mousasi was arguably doing well enough to finish Lawal at several points in the fight.

  • Aoki never gave up and was intent on submitting Melendez at any cost (butt-scooting).

  • Henderson almost KO'd Shields and despite being taken and held down, he still tried to escape and make something happen.

Deuce77 - And I agree. I thought it was a good show overall. Mo, Gilbert, and Shields looked awesome. For a while there I was thinking how being on network tv gave the show more of an overall "sporty" feel than the ufc and then all mayhem breaks loose.

I saw what you did there.

silva/maia was better then any fight on that card, and that fight was awful.

I enjoyed all three fights quite a bit. They were all certainly better than the Anderson Silva dance-fest that was the main event last weekend.

I just realized the OP's name isn't read "cocksuckio".

That was the best name ever.

Great Post....I Agree

Me too, because I won money, the fights were pretty dull. I was excited for the first 2 rounds of all 3, but then it was pretty meh.

I enjoyed the fights but it didn't help that all 3 title fights went the distance,would have been nice to see a finish but Jake and Melendez fought very smart fights and Mo toughed it out and won a gruelling match against Mousasi after almost being taken out. Jake came back nicely from damn near getting ko'd in the first round.<br /><br /> For the casual fan they were boring fights since there were no ko's or even submissions, a lot of grinding it out on the ground, but I enjoyed it, especially being free on CBS,how cool. The melee at the end was a friggin mess but who knows, might have actually added a little future interest for some viewers. I don't think it was the train wreck a lot of people are saying it was but all-in-all it was a pretty lackluster event,I did enjoy the fights though. The commentating was pretty awful.

mr nemo - I enjoyed the fights especially being free on CBS,how cool.

Yeah, exactly. You can't be mad at it.