I’m About To Take My Teenage Daughter Back To School Shoe Shopping. (NO PICS CREEPS)

My youngest turns fifteen tomorrow and I’m about to take her shopping for some new shoes. How much do you guys figure she’s going to soak me for?

What do teenage girls spend on shoes these days?

She wants Jordans but she doesn’t know if she’ll find what she’s looking for there so she’s willing to get something different.

She doesn’t know it yet but I’m also going to take her to the guitar shop and let her pick out an amp for her birthday, but that’s neither here nor there. This is about the shoes.


Pics of her feet?

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Nope but here’s mine…I should trim my nails.

She wants Jordans?

I hope you have prepared yourself for when Jamaal comes to pick her up for prom


Sorry about your cancer

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I’m old school. Parents don’t follown the kids lead but kids follow the parents lead.

How much do You want to spend on sneakers? Tell her to make that work.

My oldest daughter’s first date was a brown/black kid. He is a good dude.


No. She’s a good kid, works hard and does a lot for our family while asking for little to nothing in return. I’m proud of the person she is and it’s her birthday. She deserves to feel special and I like to make her happy.

But thanks for the advice.


It’s ok. Sorry about your face.


In that case $500 is middle of the road.

Go to Gary’s Shoes in the mall, and ask for Al, he’ll hook you up


My face is my best physical attribute, sorry about my fat gut

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I don’t understand…where is the criticism of Trudeau, Biden, pics of trannies and anti-vaxx? Are you on the right forum? :wink:

Bout :deciduous_tree: fiddy


These are very small, almost dainty feet, except for the toe area. But your arch is very pronounced and delicate, leading to a quite feminine heel.


The playbook has been mastered!

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Shoes are expensive man. My daughter who is 6 has shoes in the $100+ range. I would think you are into all of $150+ for shoes.

The Fuck GIF by memecandy


You’re looking at 140-175 for what she wants.


Good luck shoe shopping, hope she finds what she wants. Nothing wrong with rewarding a good kid.

My daughter turned 16 today, just got her G1. I’ll be taking her out driving later this afternoon.