I’m About To Take My Teenage Daughter Back To School Shoe Shopping. (NO PICS CREEPS)

I paid 60 for Vans this weekend for my 17yo.

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If they get messed with, you now know what to do.

Be happy in the 150 range and glad she’s not clicking away on StockX with your card.

Took my oldest a couple weeks ago.

We ended up going to 9 different shoe stores to find what she needed.

About half of the shoe stores were playing obnoxious hip-hop music.
She said “Daddy, why are they playing this annoying music.?”

I was proud.

Finally found her some Sketchers.
They were playing classic rock.


We live in a fairly well off area, where the cool thing for the kids is to dress in non-name brand clothes. I grew up poor and would have killed for a pair of $100 Nikes. My teenagers are buying Chuck Taylors and Vans.

I’m not complaining.


So I bought my 10 year old an almost entire wardrobe from old navy a few weeks back for under 400.00. He was a happy camper. Bought him som shoes from champs.

So my 15 was going to go to the mall. I told him he had a 400.00 limit. My wife was going with him. But he wanted her to drop him off. This little shit went and spent like 850.00 at champs on my card. I was pissed. I told him I’m taking the extra 450.00 out of his account. He’s like “why are you doing that?”



I thought girls wear like chucks and other minimalist looking shoes now? They’re wearing Jordan’s for real? Sorry OP but if that’s the case I think u better bring the piggy bank…. Only thing worse would be those yeezys lol.

Just did same with my son who’s 11…. Big fan of old navy good prices, sounds like my days are numbered tho? Champs has good deals on clothes too I thought, did he just buy a few pairs of sneakers?

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I have a 15 year old daughter as well and this year we just gave her a budget and let her do all her own school clothes shopping online. Like others have said she tends to buy 2 or 3 pair of cheaper shoes as opposed to 1 pair of expensive ones. She did get a pair that didn’t fit and we had to send back for a different size though.

I think he bought two pairs of shoes. A bunch of Nike shorts and shirts. Backpack who knows. Kids are spoiled as fuck these days. I was lucky if I got anything haha.


She’ll wear Ross shoes and she’ll like em, you friendless goon


If she wants Jordan’s, get her grade school boys sizes. Same quality as men’s and women’s, much cheaper.

For example, here in Canada a Jordan 1 high in men’s or women’s sizes will run you $220. The same pair in grade school boys will cost $150.

If you want to save even more money, get her mids instead of highs, although the colors aren’t generally the greatest. Mids are also much more likely to be in stock.


Have her BFs pay for those shoes, bro

Edit: or wait for the next riot to loot some for her

in the thread title, u should say “pics included”
then the pervs who click see this: image

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what kind of shoes for $6 yr olds are that much?

some “s[pecial edition” designer brands or something?

driving with the trailer on to the lake?

enjoy your day

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If you want to destroy her swag with a nearly identical product


Canadian…probably should have specified that…so $100 USD

UGGS are $160 in her size…fucken crazy how much kids shit is.

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Just bought shoes for my 13 and 11 year old at Sport Chek, paid about $220 total.

13 year old is in a 10.5 shoe. Kid must have a massive dong. Doesn’t get it from me :sleepy: