I’m going to take a nap

Don’t worry pals I am finally awake.

Just letting you guys know I’ll be taking a nap for an hour and 10 minutes.

I better hit the old hay. It is 5am.

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Thinking about calling it a night.



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4:16 pm I’d better get out of bed. Ready to smoke cigarettes, drink voltage, eat Kit Kats, and play some Warzone.

I took a long ass nap after work. I’m not going to sleep very well tonight!

It’s always sunny here. If I had no clock I couldn’t tell if it’s 4am or 4pm.

I better rest the old eyes for a little bit.


My stupid nap turned into a 7 hour power sleep.

Better count some sheep, got some serious Call of Duty to play in a little bit.

Oh Snap

I’m going to bed at 2:15am. About 4 hours earlier than normal.

This drug addict clearly doesn’t work….

Up all hours of the night snorting drugs.

Get a job, hippie. Fucking liberal pan handler.


Better call it a night and get some shut eye.

Thread title translated:

Desperate for attention and no one fucking cares.

Aright guys it’s 2pm, I’m going to go ahead and take a couple hour power nap.