I’m going to the STORE do you guys need anything?


Can you get me a coffee on the way back. Triple triple

That’s the last thing mad Dad said before he disappeared when I was 4.  Thanks for the cheerful memory during the holidays.  

Carton of Lucky Strike unfiltered. 

Your moms warm mouth. And some peanut butter cup ice cream.

A box of tampons and some salem lights

Will you marry me?
My wife never goes to the store and if she did she wouldn’t bother to ask if I needed anything

One large cucumber, an industrial sized tub of Vaseline, and one men's health magazine.

Condoms, envelopes and twizzlers

Can you get me chips, pop, and a bar?

A friend 

"STORE", code word for butt play?

No thanks, I'm good.

Bring back a blooming onion, please. 

Lux Fixxins -

Yeah, get me a box of condoms, and, what was that thing we used to eat back in the day?