I’m having a serious Problem, can anyone help?

If your problem is that your not moving a lot during your day, and I think you already kind of said that, don’t waste your time and money for bullshit to put in your body and attack the problem where it starts. If you aren’t fit, try it with a long walk in the afternoon, if you can run go running… There is nothing that will calm your head down better, and everything you put in your body will only cover the problem.


Thanks man

I’m gonna try that first. I do exercise but not nearly as much as I should


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No restless legs


Right now, with the gyms still closed in my country I have the same problem, in the beginning of covid I didn’t do much at all and it fucked hard with my sleep. Sitting all day and stuff like that, your body is in a permanent resting state, and sooner or later he tells you to change something. I started to walk 1 or 2 hours a day, then went to running, you feel completely different after a while.

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I was having the same issue for days before I found out I was gay. So it’s probably that.

But seriously, stop all caffeine for a while. Like all.

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Dude I’m not Homeslice. People keep saying that.

I don’t get it. I’m asking a question about a sleep problem.

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Gravol + melatonin

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The anger outbursts may be contributing to it. Generally speaking, if you are a higher strung guy easily angered it likely contributes to it.


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I’m just saying if you are high strung that it certainly doesn’t help with anxiety like symptoms.