I’m not sure. (COV19 related)

Population control is definitely a problem. I know a few people that have had it. Healthy young people most likely won't feel any side effects. The issue is you might have it, the second you see your parents or grand parents, they're very vulnerable. I don't know what I am trying to say. The worst pain in the world is losing a parent. Only thing you can hope for is they go fast, I don't think this lets them go slow. I don't want any of you to go through that. Just be cautious around your parents or grand parents. This virus has the possibility of killing them. 

This isn't my first screen name either. Somebody I know got banned for doxing Kevin Barbers, and Homeslice. Wonder if he ever paid for a marketing name with nothing to actually market. Bet that check is in the mail haha. Trash.

Oh he's guaranteed to be on America's Got Talent, with no talent. That makes sense. I didn't realize you needed an actual talent to be on that show. My bad, I got a couple sock puppets that can swallow milk from a random object. 

You must of missed it. Homeslice is/was a mod trolling for more ACTUAL engagements/impressions (people without Ad-blocker interactions). They already went over this. This site can't even host a legit poll. Call em out, you get banned. Doxxing haha. Ban dipshits arguing with themselves haha