I’m sorry Ms. Jackson

You’re not for reeeeaaaallll.

Nice job – good effort! You have gone from probably being the most respected MMA trainer awhile back to easily the most loathed. For some time now, you have been known as the creator of point fighting, stalling bores. You somehow managed to transform a guy like Clay Guida from a fan favorite to detested. Along with Jon Jones’ own poor choices, your “recommendation” has likely produced the most despised fighter in all of MMA. Now you will also be known for coaching FIGHT DODGERS – probably the worst offense in the entire sport other than roids.

Oh, and your screaming at the top of your lungs “Oh my God, Julie Kedsie (and every other fighter you coach) - you are doing sensational!!!” five seconds before the end of every round in an attempt to win over the judges is also pathetic. But this shouldn’t be a surprise to us, I suppose.

Your known reputation and place in this tremendous sport of MMA is absolutely secured. Congrats, douchebag.