I’m too old for this $#!@

Why the hell would they change the forum now? Don’t they understand that most of the fagoons on this forum are probably on the wrong side of 40?

We should be screaming at people to get off our lawn, not trying to relearn how to call someone a fucktard on a new UI.

You fucked up, Kirik!!! You deleted the OG at the wrong time!!!


Agree …I’m too old to try to learn new things

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Fagoon OP is right.

danny glover too old for this shit GIF

NC’s spirit animal


feeling old GIF by A&E


Agree - I’m 2old


Did this post? Is this thing on? Where am I?

Nothing works here, I hate this place.

Grampa Simpson Meme GIF by MOODMAN

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I vote all screen name bets be cancelled in light if these unprecedented events…

I can’t see any pictures that anyone is posting. Anyone else having this issue?

lewd michael scott GIF

Do you see it now?

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I can see pics, but holy mother of fuck if there isn’t a shit-ton of other stuff, too.

Every post has a bunch of different icons and the grey bar at the bottom of your OP…jaysus.

Was sticking with the simplicity of frames too much to ask?


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What did one shepard say to the other? Let’s get the flock out of here!

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This I can see.

How about this?

weiner GIF

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couple dancing GIF

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When you are reading a big thread it takes forever to get to the current posts, you have to scroll through months and months of posts.

When people are quoting one another and having a discussion its so hard to see who is saying what now that the boxes are gone.
I’m not gone click on a thread like the ETH thread and scroll down for ten minutes just to get to the replies from the past couple hours. Not gonna happen. What am I missing? How do you see the recent posts in a big thread without having to sit there and scroll for ten minutes? The ETH thread would not even let me scroll at times.
I need to spend 90% less time wasting time on the internet anyway so maybe this is a good thing for me.


I wonder if you aren’t seeing the gifs from posters who use the gif search function instead of pasting the links

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