I’m too old for this $#!@

settings>preferences>notifications>choose = then its the eye.

Mods. Delete my account. This app fucking sucks.

Will do

Sorry to see ya go bro…it’s been to long…

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I just made dinner in the time it took me to scroll down this thread

Yeah, pulling the scroll bar down is like a marathon…

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someone said it doesnt load fast enough ? Im sure they will address it

Probably about the same time to microwave a hot pocket

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I just went from the bottom to the top, let it load, then back to the bottom, let it load, in less than 2 seconds…
Only my wife has seen speeds faster then that…

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Vid or it didnt happen

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Of me jizzing in less then 2 seconds ? Or scrolling in less ?

Your call…

Rolling , Scrolling , Trolling

Yeah I don’t like it at all.

Used to login a few times a day to look around, now maybe a few times a week, and that will slow aswell. Needs the app, this is shit

Dude, its so much better than the old wonky, buggy format

You just need to learn the ropes and make some preference changes, theres been about a bazillion threads on it


The code on the old site was older than you are :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, how old are you Kirk ?

It finally fucking happened

Can we change your flair to “I like little boys”

Only then will you be forgiven.

In all seriousness, I’m loving the new site and I honestly never really had problems with the old ug/op app or framed browser version.

Top men were literally on it this time.

Older than I am