I’m too old for this $#!@

Does it give notifications for every post or just a post that replies to one of your posts?

The fuck if I know. I’m an excel guru at work, and with new shitstain of an app, I feel like one of those apes at the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Your life just gets worse everyday. HA! HA!

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering too. I don’t need updates for every post on a thread.

I feel like I’m close to understanding most of the features but some of them seem odd.


I agree. I’ve been here 5 mins and have a headache.
There is too much shit going on.
Fucking reddit is easier than this.
They ruined a great thing

Just seeing if I can type fag

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Okay maybe you do need to set it to watching for it to act like the old subscriptions. Looks like tracking only notifies you if someone responds to one of your posts.

It doesn’t work for me. Scrolling a thread and all the post disappear after so many. You can hit back to go back down to the last post. Also doesn’t work. This is a bigger shit hole than before.

I can handle the new format and don’t mind it, some features are very nice. Something like Xenforo would have been 1000x better received.

They might lose a significant amount of people by moving to this format based on the forums demographic.

I’ll go down with the ship even if this decision will be like Titanic hitting the iceberg. Hope I’m wrong.


I have been a member for 20+ years and this makes me sad.

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I’ll play the violin bro…


This sucks, it’s like fucking reddit and I hate reddit. The app was great, why move away from a fucking app to this shitty ass web-based forum ffs.

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The red scroll bar is redundant, IMO. The suggested topics at the bottom is unnecessary; it just clutters things up. Should’ve focused more on making the site more stable rather than going for this fisher price look. I’ll be missing the framed version.

I believe you’re exactly right. It’s like they have no idea who comes here. I see zero benefits to this format. The gifs in every thread are stupid and annoying. I feel like this is something my kids would use so they don’t have to actually talk to someone.

Ya this is it for me. What a horrible time to fuck this place right up. This site is a complete mess now. Should have left it alone or at least paid someone to fix it up who knows what they’re doing. This is now a complete gong show of a mess.

Is there a sub thread button? I really liked looking at the threads I posted in? How do you do that now?

It’s the eyeball at the top.

Keep in mind that to be a true “sub” you have to change the setting in the thread to “Watching”