I made a D&D char. - god help me

My constitution and dexterity are kind of balls, like a 12/13 or something. My Wisdom got raped by the Ork modifiers, so I'm only 15 there. I rolled well, so I figured I could play a fun, novel character like this on my first go.

And I ain't no damn-Half-Orc, I peddle only the finest greenskin sticky-icky from my Orky monestary back east.

what is your alignment and class ???

Wis 15 is pretty good, you get the +2 bonus to your AC along with a +1 from Dex. that'll keep you from getting hit alot until you go up a few exp levels. your Con 12-13 nets you a +1 bonus to your hit points, but early on that won't be much, but it adds up after a few exp levels. monks become fairly powerful in later levels, surviving early on is the tough part.




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Don't do it!

"D&D is thick with miniatures now, and grid-placement battles etc etc.

A huge chunk of the fantasy part has been squashed for metrics. "

Agreed. I still prefer 2nd edition.

BiC in da house!

Hi BiC!

2nd edition bah!! 1st Edition only!! Anyone can play Ed 2 and up!!

Well I grew up on 2st edition and I thought that 2nd edition made the needed changes to the game without changing it. 3E is a completely different game!

3rd edition is awesome. Lot's of fun really..... you guys need to give it a try.

what are per, com and pow?

I like a mix of 1st & 2nd ed. When I palyed it was majority 2nd ed with house rules and a smattering of things from 1st ed. I would like to play again using the same. I personally hate 3rd ed. It turned the game into the whole mix/max, make a rule for everything, munchkin gamer world it has become.

3rd Ed = changes made so the game could be a video game. Okay, some of the changes are cool but the game loses so much of its literary base and makes everything pure numbers and statistics. Gandalf would not approve :)