I may have made an Uh-Oh

I recently decided I really needed to start taking a protein shake because I have frequently been having muscle fatigue and haven't been able to put up as good weight in the gym. This had to do with a hetic schedule and lack of off-days too, and thats over with, but nonethless figured I should start taking some Whey Protein.

I went out and bought on sale for $34 a 5lb supply of ProLabs Pure Whey. I figured this was as it said, pure whey. I didn't relize untill I brought it home that it contains other things such as Glutamine, I then relized (I know this was stupid of me) that it says preformance, then Strength/Mass.

I did check the nutrition facts before I got it (I'm not a complete idiot)and I liked it because it contined 22g of protein and only 130calories.

I do not want to gain weight, and if I take this, am I gong to gain weight? I figured because of the low calories I would be alright. Do supplements like Glutamine help in gaining mass (I do know the positive effects of it.)

Thanks a lot


I wouldn't worry, cals are what will make you gain weight and 130 cals is feck all really - less than 2 pieces of toast. Course if you simply add this to your diet, say twice a day, without altering owt else then there's a possibility you'll gain some weight over time. But I wouldn't expect you to balloon up overnight like with weightgainer drinks boasting 900 cals a serving.

Thanks. I don't mind gaining some pounds. I plan on wrestling 125 next year, and I'm 127 now. If I get to 135 next year I won't be upset. Figure I lose about 7 pounds in preseason and cutting the rest should be no sweat.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and it is found in many protein foods. Whey protein contains glutamine as one of its constituent amino acids.

Neither whey or the amino acid glutamine will magically add mass to the body; however if you are currently consuming exactly the amount of fuel your metabolism requires, you will gain weight from eating 130 extra calories of anything, be it rice cakes, lettuce, wheat grass juice, or even whey protein.

Good, this is what I hoped for. I understand the extra calories, but in essence for me it is only an extra 30 calories because I am replacing the protein in place of the glass of milk I have before I go to bed (100 calories)

By the way I got this at a storecalled the Vitamine Shoppe which is a train. Man was this place 100times better then GNC. Cheaper, nicer, bigger, less akward and there weren't jackass bodybuilders working there.

Also, does anybody have experiences with prolabs stuff, I have heard good things before.



Milk is a terrible thing to drink right before you go to bed, so it is good you are not doing that anymore. Milk causes a big insulin response, and also has about 12 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which you don't need right before bed. However, whey is a fast absorbing protein supplement, so it isn't the best right before bed either. You would be better off eating a lean meat product and having something with some EFA's, or taking a casein based protein shake before bed, because lean meats and casein have slower absorption rates. Whey is great post workout though, due to fast absorption, so I would advise you use it then.

Lol Xen

Well, on monday and friday I can take it post work out, but on tuesdays and thursdays thats a no-can-do. I have wrestling about two hours after I finish lifting tuesday and thursday and I don't wanna have all that protein in my stomach. I prefer having oatmeal and bannana inbetween.


Stop being a bitch kidding, you're fine. lol! he's right.

You got a good product, but shop online next time and you will find even better prices.