I met James Storm today

He was at my local comic con and I walked up and said “knock knock”. He looked at me for a second and said “who’s there?”. So I said “Brayden Walker”. It was fun. I told him he was one of the reasons I loved the first season of Powerrrrrr so much, and after he shook my hand I said KA RA TAYYYYY.



Just kidding. Sounds like a fun encounter.

Cool, OP! Sounds like fun.
Was he a cool guy? I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.
I’m sure everyone & their brother asks him to say “SORRRRY…about your daaaaaaamn luck!”, but damn if I wouldn’t ask him to say it, anyway. lol
As an aside - him & Bobby Roode as Beer Money, Inc are one of my favorite all-time tag teams.


I liked beer money too, the beer drinking bad ass always gets over, except for Hangman somehow

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He seems genuine. I didn’t talk to him much and it wasn’t really his scene. Way more anime kids than anything. He got in line for food just like everyone else and just seemed chill. I pointed him out to my sister and her kids but they don’t watch wrestling.

I thanked him because I didn’t want to tell him he deserved a better run as champ. He worked his ass off, was funny and could play a straight badass, and has sense of loyalty about him. When I brought up how covid messed up how great Powerrrr was, all he said was that the group of guys was awesome to work with. He is jacked in person, but I’m 6’3 so I’m taller. Made me more of a fan by being a good dude and talking to me like a person more than a fan.


Did you get thrown out for being a stalker?

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No, but he was there with a girl named Kayla Sparks and she’s really cute. I did buy these cool pins with Princess Daisy and Peach holding a green mushroom that says “two girls, on up”.

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One up. Lol

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TNA is probably the most awful organization of all time, but despite that, Storm and Roode overcame and formed a great tag team with awesome chemistry. They’re one of the few shining things that came from that toilet bowl of a company.

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Their best of 5 with the Motor City Machine Guns was outstanding.

Does he know how big Dave batistas dick is ?

7 inches

Id ask him how it feels to be sitting alone at an anime convention while his tag partner has the best WWE theme song ever, main evented NXT as champ, and is still in WWE.

I enjoyed the Beer Money tag team. TNA had so much talent and they still managed to screw it all up. I watched them weekly on SpikeTv. Its a shame that they didn’t leave a bigger mark in the industry.

All they had was Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, Young Bucks, Hardy Boys, Dudleys, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Angel, Flair, Foley, Sting, Hogan, Jarrett, Christian, off the top of my head at the same time.

Does Roode still have Mrs.Brooks? Wikipedia has her married to Roode & Frankie Kazarian, maybe a new AEW tag team if he’s apart of the next budget cuts