i met Rachelle!!!

there was a MA event in Birmingham, UK this w'end. Chuck liddell was there so i thought id go get a picture etc.

anyway, the line was litteraly a mile long to see him and they were not letting any1 else join the que. i took a couple pics from few meters away and walked off kinda dissheartened, not that im a massive chuck fan, but id just paid like £24 to get in!!

this is where it gets good. so im walkin away and i see some little hot thing, obviously i hav a look, then it hits me, SHIT THATS RACHELLE, so i hav a walk over and say hello, ask for a photo and what not.

She was really nice, asked me my name, how i was etc, even cancelled a call on her phone to pose for the picture. Shes smaller than she seems on tv, prob 5"7.
i had a quick chat and i could see some dude with a beard standing with her, and it was none other than Frank Fertitta (sp?), i shook his hand and thanked him for all he's done for UFC, i went on my merry way, happy as a pig in shit after meeting these two. i couldnt believe how nervous i was when i shook Franks hand, not too sure why.

anyway, point of post is Rachelle is hot as she seems on TV, and Frank Fertitta seemed a genuinly nice guy.

edited for pics


crap camera phone quality, and yes, i am looking at her rack!

ttt, i'm so damn jealous!!! :)

that's awesome. Meeting frank would have be really cool aswell, one of the guys that saved MMA, unreal!

That was me on the other line having phone sex!....I was so close to
finishing too!


Why are you even making bodily contact with Frank and getting budderflies??? Focus on Rachelle, FOCUSSS.

But anyway, congrats.

You know.. posting that pic just might make me happy as a pig in shit...



I am ashamed that UFC AZ is from AZ

It would be one thing if the poster didn't have a blue name...

Suicide self.

OP ^ than all of us LOL.

Rachelle is very fine. I think you did quite well by not meeting chuck. I'd rather meet Rachelle over any fighter lol.

sorry on the no pics, im pretty shat at t'internet.


"I wonder if Lorenzo is tapping that ass."

I'll gladly volunteer if he's not :)

I'm trying, and trying, but I can't see that Ducatti anywhere.....

I think I see the bike!!! No wait, that is just her ass again...