I met Royce and got married!!

I met royce gracie this week (tuesday to be exact) and also got married later in the day. I was blown away!!! I was waiting for the valet to bring my rental car around at the Venetian Hotel in LVN when who do I see walking by? Only my hero, the legend, Mr. Royce Gracie!!!!! I was blown away, it was completely out of the blue. I was taking a triple take when I realized I better take action before he takes off (he was checking out of the same hotel). He was very cool and gladly signed a $10 dollar bill for me and even though I was acting like a total idiot he was very cool indeed!!!!! Anyways just wanted to share with everyone.

Luke Beston is green with envy.


Troll. Royce Gracie is already married.

Welcome to the UG!! LOL.

its like amateur comedy night here.

Are you sure you aren't in Maryland?


don't stress about the comments bro, if you stick here
long enough you will be doing the same thing to a kkm
very soon

thx in advance ktfo lmfao kthxbye

you guys are so cruel...the kid's dream came true by meeting Royce..in my opinion its one of the biggest honors in the world. I was 14 when I first met him and was speechless. Have some heart


I'm sorry Royce was already married and you were about to tie the knot. If only you and Royce had met before,another time,another place,sniff. Welcome to the Underground.

LOL @ Robin Patterson calling anyone dorky!!!

Royce is a WARRIOR in every sense of the word. He has my respect like Coture etc. Just a handful of those really special ones....

fellas, fellas, now getting back to the topic of his marriage to Royce Gracie, now who carried whom to the honeymoon suite?

I don't know what's worse....this pathetic lame-ass thread, or me laughing while reading it?peace

Knowbody's welcomed KKM?

welcome KKM!

The guy never said he married Royce. He met Royce, and after that got married with someone whose name he didn't mention.

don't let them scare you away. They just envy the moments you and Royce share. Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll make a great couple.


Quick advice: If he gets your back with hooks in on the honeymoon, it will be a long nite for you

LOL @ anyone who takes these posts seriously