I Might Have To Upgrade My Underwear

Feels like I’m sitting on my balls these days, I constantly have to keep lifting my balls up.

Anyone recommend a balls supporting brand ?

I’ve been sitting on my balls for years and refuse to wear any sort tight underpants because they all make my balls uncomfortable.

Let them hang, bro.


Maybe there’s new tech in new underwear


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I suspect that you’d like those old timey ones with the flap in the back.


SAXX - nothing else comes close

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There isn’t. I try “the new best” every so often and they are all ball bunching lies.

Looks like saxx is minimum $25 for 1, $44 for 2.

I might have to buy a used one from an OGer


I made the switch to tight whities just for humor reasons.

I look better and feel better than ever!

Ordered the Hanes Men’s Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch Boxer Briefs**

3 for $16.98.

Trying these before spending $25 per saxx underwear



Best boxers I ever had. Dont know if they ship internationally

Under Armour Boxerjock Charged

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Suspenders. Little uncomfortable at first but it gets easier.

Recently. Bought 3 pairs of saxx. Game changers.


You have long balls. There is a Curb your Enthusiasm on this.

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It’s not the underwear alone. I think the scarf plays a part in making you look better


Grandpa balls checking in. I have been on a search for comfortable underwear for hiking and such for about two years. I’ve tried many brands including Saxx and under Armour boxer jock has been my favorite.
Also, I always got the size I thought I was, then I used the sizing charts they have and actually took measurements. I was getting one or two sizes too big. Getting the right fit makes a world of difference.

Find the right underwear and just spend the money. I wear tommy john, they’re $25+ per pair. It’s all I wear and they’re phenomenal. Worth the money.

Don’t cheap out. You wear underwear most of your waking time, a few extra dollards is totally worth it.

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