I Might Have To Upgrade My Underwear


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Try out Mack Weldon. Been buying them exclusively for a couple years. I get the boxer briefs. Come down right above the thigh.

They have been marvelous for my balls

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The Hanes I posted for $16 works. Been trying them for the last 2 days, balls are lifted, no more sitting on balls.

I too am a fan of the dangle angle.

The Bullpen from Duluth Trading.

I’m not a long ball guy yet but I do wear their Buck Naked boxer briefs and they are the best


Saxx. It’s the best and worth the money. Well made and exceptional fit. Great support for us low hanging OGers.

This. I am a Tommy John guy too.

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you got a lotta balls, OP.


In less than 3 years you’ll be joining the rest of us old fucks with low balls.

Underwear schunderware. Since we got this thread… how you keep your balls dry when you shit? Sometimes I forget to pull them out of the bowl and flush them halfway down to the next floor before they rebound and fire back out of the pipes

See Does Your Dick Touch The Water When You Poop? - #3 by The_Rapist__Therapist

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A surprisingly good read lol

Yup, the OG knocked that one out of the park

Is it a gentle embrace, or is it a snug feeling?

You have impeccable taste, Sir.

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