I miss Eddy Rolon. Where is he?

Someone dig him out of whatever rock he's hiding under and get him back to this forum!

TTT for that!!

I was just wondering that myself.

He was a funny guy.

Although I really wasn't missing him (romo).

He had by far the longest name stamp. He had like 6 Olympic gold medals in different sports. That is what I recall about him.

eddys training hard and is doing fine,check out his website at www.teamendgame.com ill let him know tonight that you were asking how he was doing when i see him at grappling class.eddys one of the best trainers ive ever worked with and a great guy

i heard he now lives in a pineapple under the sea.

TTT for Eddy. I hope he gets another win soon.

He seemed like one of the nicest guys in the sport...

He is

Eddy is great!

Eddy is a really nice guy

ya he was always on here


Please let him know that the guys from MFS say HI! :)

TTT for Eddy to get on here

There is not a finer man in this sport.

"He seemed like one of the nicest guys in the sport..."

He's definatly a nice guy, probalby too nice. I think that's one of the reasons he hasn't won in a while. He fought at Lou Neglia's event ROC last august so he hasn't dropped off the face of the earth. He's probably just busy. He's married, has at least 1 kid, a full time job and then runs his MMA club. That's a lot to do.

Just finished training with him. He got me with a sub I cannot begin to fathom let alone describe. I'll tell him there is public demand for his return to the UG.

Eddy Rolon definitely ranks up there as one of the nicest people I've ever met from the MMA community. I hope he comes back and tries again on his submission grappling tournament idea. Hopefully he can get more people to come.

I still lurk often and post on occasion. I get a little creeped out with of the these eulogy type posts but I know they have good intentions. cascagrossa5 I have had a few people make similar comments about being a nice guy in a rough sport. I'm very competitive without any real killer instinct. I'm trying to become more aggresive without changing myself. I'm happy and optimistic about the future. My last two losses were both for championship belts and 21 days apart. So I don't look for easy matches. I will post more I promise. It's just that XBOX live is so much fun. Eddy "never won Olympic gold" Rolon

I met Eddy at UAF a while ago. He lost a good fight to Jay Buck. He actually came up to me and started talking. I thought this was cool-I have been a fan ever since.