I miss Jettdogg.

The best thing about this thread revival is that we all know he is reading these comments right now with his new user name


What’s the concensus on the @JessDogg screen name? Was it him or a tribute-troll?

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Lol, I vaguely remember. What were his posts/threads like outside of the meltdown? I need a refresher.

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As one of the lucky ones who caught it before it was deleted, this describes it perfectly.


For those that were familiar with jettdog, would you say he was better, worse or the same as some of the leftist trolls we have on here now?

I also got to see it. I was like WTF???


One of the worst and simply stupid.

Sometimes he would try to have a debate, but eventually he would come undone and resort to raging and threats. He was an angry angry clown.

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I remember the thread, saw the video posted and chose to ignore it because i hate him. Regert! I should have at least witnessed it.

Remember too, a few months prior he was on the UG talking like he was super human, that he had the death touch with his devastating power. He was feigning it was like a curse. lol If he punched someone they would die. lolololol


You think? Could very well be. I konw they are not the same, but Malvert was very similar in his tough guy act as JD, imo…

He really was unhinged. His go to was always ad hominem attacks followed by threats that he could kick your ass.

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Lol perfect

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Hahhaa that was awesome!

I wish someone still had that vid.

It was so cringy / hilarious.

He was a brainwashed far left cultist who hilariously failed to distinguish between the internet and reality.


He was the equivalent of those autistic kids that go on American Idol and actually think they can sing

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there has never been a bigger lapse in judgement than that fuckwad making a video of himself in terminator glasses crushing cans.

it was so comically awesome lol


It was amazing.